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Continuing Upstairs

If you continue round the building, through the doors that lead out of the worship area into the lounge, and open the second door on the right, you will see two more stained glass windows at the bottom of the newly created staircase. One is of the ‘Commission of Moses’ (51) and the other of the ‘Gentile Cornelius’ (52). If you come back out into the lounge and then open the next door on the right into what is now our crèche room, decorated by some students from Southport College, you will find the last two stained glass windows on this floor, one figure symbolic of music and entitled Praise (53) and the other symbolic of the resurrection (54), erected by the widow and daughter of Harry Calvert who died in 1908.

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St Paul’s Hall

Something to really amaze you is the final and perhaps best stained glass window in the building, the spacious West window, (55) now easy to view close-up from the upstairs St Paul’s Hall which was made possible by the modern refurbishment. Amongst the finest specimens in Southport, it was dedicated in February 1900, and consists of five lights. The central three depict the Ascension of Jesus; the outer ones, Jairus asking Jesus to heal his daughter and his daughter being raised, and the story of Dorcas distributing garments to the poor and  being raised to life. They are connected with images of the Holy Spirit as a dove and as tongues of fire, and the seven lamps at the top of the outer lights. If someone is available to show you upstairs, do use the opportunity to see it. It was given in memory of John and Maria Taylor Ogden and their daughter Caroline, and was dedicated on February 25th 1900.